Splice: one-month subscription with millions of samples, loops, FX, and presets

Get free access to millions of samples, loops, FX, and presets​

Get one-month subscription for free on Splice (regular price = $7.99) to enrich your tracks with new sounds! 

Splice Sounds


You have a 100 monthly sample credits. Any further download of a sample is free & unlimited.
- Browse millions of samples, loops, & presets
- Unlimited auditioning
- Create your own collections
- All sounds royalty free

About this promo code
- no expiration date
- only one use possible per user


When your order is done...

1) We will send you a Splice code in the next days.

2) When you receive the code, go on Splice: https://splice.com

3) Log in on this page to activate your membership: https://splice.com/features/sounds
IMPORTANT: Splice will ask for your card number but you won't be debited. Simply create a reminder to cancel this membership before the end (to avoid any payment)


  • you cannot order this product more than 1 times

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