1 chance in 10 of winning 10,000 Vibes (prize draw 5)

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You have one in 10 chance of winning 10,000 Vibes! Do you want to try your luck?

The rule is simple: buy at least 1 lottery ticket. As soon as the 10 tickets are sold, we launch the wheel! Only one of the 10 tickets wins and earns 10,000 Vibes.

Prize Draw

When your order is done...

1) You must wait for the 10 tickets to be sold. Remember the number of the draw. (example: 7th draw)

2) Once the 10 tickets sold, we launch the wheel to designate the winner. The winner is credited with 10,000 Vibes on his account. His username is displayed on this page as the winner of this prize draw.


List of winners

Prize draw 1: 07/17/19 : ZEEX

Prize draw 2 : 12/08/19 Matchups

Prize draw 3 : 11/10/19 EDM Union

Prize draw 4 : 08/11/19 Alexis Chung

7 in stock

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