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Did you finish a track and would like to get promoted?

The Talent Pool manager of Soonvibes, Charles Perrono alias KARKLK who accumulated 50 million streamsis waiting for your music. 

Receive a professional, private and personalized feedback within 7 working days.

• Your track featured in one of Soonvibes' playlists 
• Your track featured on Soonvibes' editorial catalog

Charles Perrono has been a songwriter and a producer for more than 10 years. He developped his project KARLK and has accumulated around 50 millions de streams.
Co-founder of an independant label, he joined the artistic direction of Soonvibes in 2017. 

Send your tracks to Soonvibes' Talent Pool manager to receive written feedbacks. If opportunities arise, your music could be added to Soonvibes' playlists and to the editorial catalog to benefit from a synchronization (advertisements, movies…)

  • Seeked genres: Every genres are welcomed
  • Spoken languages: French & English

What does a feedback contain?

  • A global opinion
  • A global rating ( /5)
  • A technical rating ( /5)
  • An artistic rating ( /5)
  • Interested by the track (yes or no)
  • If yes: Details of the next steps 

How does it work?

  1. Place your order 
  2. In the order form, insert a link to your track in mp3 320
  3. Your track will be sent to Soonvibes' Talent Pool manager
  4. Once the feedback is made, you will be contacted by e-mail within 7 working days (Saturday and Sunday not included)

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Value: 3,500 Vibes


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