Mastering of your track by Thibault from l'Arrière Boutique

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Thibault Delage, Sound Engineer from L'Arrière Boutique studio gives you the opportunity to Master your track.


Thibault Delage - l'Arrière Boutique

L'arrière Boutique, recording, mixing and mastering studio in Paris (France), a unique place where your musical and audiovisual projects come to life.

In a professional and warm studio, located in the center of Paris (Saint Germain des Prés), Thibault Delage is at your service and will meet all your needs.

The studio is hybrid and atypical. The equipment, modern and vintage, digital and analogical, are in perfect harmony and offer a coherence and a unique sound richness, particularly studied and shaped in the manner of the craftsmen.


Arriere boutique studio


References about Mastering

Chez Damier / Ben Vedren / French Fuse / Les Gordon / Thoj / Gab Jr / Delaj...

  • Music genres

    Minimal / House / Techno / Electro / EDM / Hip Hop / Soul / Jazz

  • Set-up

    CS3000 Euphonix Analogue / ES108 Analogue Compressor / SSL Fusion  / Lexicon 480L / Protools HD / Dynaudio Air25 Monitor / Focal Monitor…


Other references in studio

Référence arriere boutique


Informations & elements to send for Mastering

  • Provide a WAV Stereo file in 96Khz/24bits or 48Khz/24bits or 44.1Khz/24bits or 44.1Khz/16bits.
  • Make sure you have a headroom of -5 db. 
  • Not having any dynamic processing on the master of the mix. 
  • Upload with Wetransfer. The link is to be provided in the order form.
  • Indicate your remarks and instructions if necessary in the order form.

Process once the order has been placed

  1. Once you have ordered this service, the sound engineer receives the elements to start
  2. You receive about 1 week after the mastered version by email
5 in stock

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