Promo Pack: Full promotion to Soonvibes community & to music professionals

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Boost the promotion of your track: be spotted by professionals (labels, Djs, radios...) and music lovers thanks to the Soonvibes Promo Pack !


Promo Pack

You’ve just finished a track and would like to get it out there quickly? Let Soonvibes’ network of industry professionals discover it while also letting the whole community hear it! (social networks, Soonvibes members, etc.). If you’re confident about the potential of your music, then it’s time to launch it!

Beyond a simple promotion of your track, the Soonvibes Promo Pack will also enable you to get spotted faster as an artist. The result? Not only will your track be more visible, it will also make yourself more visible as an artist and will distinguish your musical productions. it’s time to launch and promote it!*.



Promotion to the Soonvibes community

  • Social media promotion

     2 Sponsored posts on Facebook (Soonvibes' Facebook page is followed by +25k fans)
     1 Twitter post 
     1 Instagram story 

  • Newsletter

    • Your track included in the Soonvibes' newsletter sent to 55.000 active members
    • A report of the mailing campaign is sent to you

  • Blind rating

    • Your track displayed in the Blind Rating with a high priority up to 100 plays.


Promotion on the Soonvibes professional network

  • Who are the professionals?

    You discuss first with a person from the Soonvibes team to define exactly what type of professionals to target. (musical style, type of pro, etc).

    You can target labels, DJs, radios, media in affinity with your musical universe. As part of the promo pack you can target up to 30 pros simultaneously! (with limitation to 60,000 Vibes). To see the list of pros, go to the section Promo & Feedback")

    Once your music is sent to the professionals, you receive feedback even if the track is not selected.

    +60 available professionals



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3 in stock

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