Copyright Management and Music Publishing coaching

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Stéphane de Saint Louvent from Rotary RM, is dedicating a 1hr coaching to teach you everything you need to know about Publishing, the SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music), and how to retrieve your copyrights!


Stephane de Saint Louvent

Do you want to better retrieve your copyrights? As an artist or a composer, it is essential to build a good understanding of how the Sacem and Publishing works in order to be able to track and collect your copyrights.

Stéphane from Saint Louvent will help you understand Copyright Management and Music Publishing. His valuable advices will enable you to draw a clearer understanding in order to better monetize your artistic projects. 


Coach description 

Activist of the Parisian electronic scene for over ten years as a DJ, producer and entrepreneur, in 2016 Stéphane founded Rotary RM, the first copyright management agency dedicated to electronic music composers, which now has over 60 artists as clients and a catalog of more than 3,000 pieces. He is also the co-founder and artistic director of the Parisian label Automatic Writing.

  • His main references 

    Rotary RM, Automatic Writing, Havas

  • Musical genres 

    Minimal, House, Techno, Tech-House


Rotary RM


Session program: 

  • Everything you need to know about how the SACEM functions and how to retrieve your copyrights. 

    - How to join
    - How to submit your music
    - How to track broadcasts and payments 
    - How to state your performances at concerts/clubs/festivals, and how to file a complaint 
    - What the specific status for a DJ/composer at the Sacem is

  • Introduction to the fundamentals of music publishing

    - Different types of copyrights 
    - Work with a publisher or be your own?
    - Synchronization
    - Contracts and basic principles 

  • Various aids and subsidies for self-production 

    There are various financial aids that you may not be aware of!


Information & elements to provide for the session:

  • If you want advice on one of your tracks, don't forget to provide a link of your track in high definition in the order form (with the stems if possible).
  • Send your material, information or questions in the order form to allow the coach to study your file in advance. 

Terms & Conditions

  • Duration of the coaching session: 1 hour by telephone or Skype
  • This session is suitable for both beginners and verified artists. The coaching session is entirely customized according to each. 
  • Availabilities for the session: all week (excluding weekends)
  • You must provide your telephone number, Skype and email in the order form. 
  • Languages spoken: English & French


  1. Once you have ordered this service, the coach will be immediately notified by email. 
  2. You will then be contacted directly by the coach to arrange a date for your coaching session.
  3. Have a great coaching session :)
4 in stock

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