Artistic and legal 30 minutes coaching with former executive officer of Universal Music

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Jean-Luc Bres (former executive officer of Universal Music) is dedicating a 30 minutes coaching to discuss and advise you on artistic, commercial and legal aspects. 


Jean-Luc Bres advises you and gives you tips to optimize the potential for success of your music.

"I will not give you technical advice on the quality of your mix, but rather on the structure of your title. I can help you on the titles that can potentially get played on radio: electro pop, hip hop, inde"

You will also be able to get advice regarding any legal concerns. This is essential to be able to have an in-depth understanding of any contract that a label could offer you, either as a licensing, publishing or distribution contract. 


Coach description 

Jean-Luc Bres has worked as a an executive officer at Universal Music for 30 years. He was in charge of developing the new monetization channels for the major. He was also at the heart and birth of partnership agreements and co-productions with radio and television. 

  • Achievements

    The first two artists signed on Jean-Luc Bres' label were selected by KR Home Studio Magazine as Discovery of the Year: Guitare Blanche and No Mercy Madam

  • Musical genres

    EDM, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Inde and uncommon music


Examples Jean-Luc Bres' work / collaboration 


ERA - Ameno


Universal Mobile Ad


Mika's private concert for So Music (Société Générale) at the Trianon in Paris



Information & elements to provide for the session:

  • Provide your materials, information and questions in the order form to allow the coach to study your file in advance.
    - Soundcloud, Soonvibes, Spotify, etc., link to your music
    - List of questions for the coach
    - Contract project (if this concerns questions regarding contractual matters)

Terms & Conditions

  • Duration of the coaching session: 30 minutes by telephone or Skype
  • This session is suitable for both beginners and verified artists. The coaching session is entirely customized according to each. 
  • Availabilities for the session: all week (excluding weekends)
  • You must provide your telephone number, Skype and email in the order form. 
  • Languages spoken: English & French


  1. Once you have ordered this service, the coach will be immediately notified by email. 
  2. You will then be contacted directly by the coach to arrange a date for your coaching session.
  3. Have a great coaching session :)
2 in stock

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