Presentation of the Soonvibes Art Directors and how they work

To assess music in the best possible way and to avoid missing out on a track with great potential, we ask several music professionals to listen to the tracks in the charts. They listen several hundreds of tracks in the charts every month. Charts helps Soonvibes Arts Directors to identify tracks, but tracks with a low ranking are also listened by Arts Directors.

They add their favorite tracks in their playlist to prepare the listening committee session.

How do the listening committee session and the Talent Pool work?

Every 2 months a new listening committee session is organized.

Art directors listen hundreds of tracks in the Soonvibes' charts.

They add their favorite tracks in their playlists.

All these playlists are merged in one unique playlist by ROOM (Main, Ambient, Secret and Big Room)

Art directors prepare playlists for the listening committee session

A listening committee session is organized once every two months.

Selected artists have the opportunity to sign the contract and enter the Talent Pool.

Talent Pool tracks are submitted to labels, DJs and radios for decision-making.

Soonvibes starts the promotion of the Talent Pool on its social networks.

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What are the other Talent Pool benefits?

Promotion of your track on the Soonvibes network:

  • Promotion on Soonvibes (Slideshow, newsletter, etc)
  • Promotion on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,...)
  • Distribution and promotion of your track in the streaming websites (Spotify, Deezer, Itunes, Youtube, etc)
  • "Verified artist" badge activated

Contractual support and help with negotiation if a record company wants to sign

We assist you to sign the contract with the record company. We advise you on the best possible terms.

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Presentation of the Talent Pool contract

When you are selected for the Talent Pool, we send you a "Talent Pool" contract setting forth the terms and obligations between the artist and Soonvibes. You have to agree to the contract and send it back to us duly signed (electronic signature). As per this contract, Soonvibes takes a 15% commission on your track should it enjoy commercial opportunities as a result.

After uploading tracks on Soonvibes, artists keep absolutely 100% of their rights. They are only engaged with Soonvibes if they sign the Talent Pool contract.

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Why my track is not displayed in charts?

To ensure our Talent Pool system works perfectly, the Soonvibes team and all its partners (labels, DJs, radios, etc.) reserve a right of first look at all the new tracks uploaded.

Therefore we don't display charts of the last 3 months. We don't display charts of the current month and the 2 previous months. For example: if we are the 15th may 2017, you will only see the charts of february 2017.

In addition, It must receive at least 20 ratings in order to appear in the charts. For instance, to be displayed in the "3 last months" charts you must receive at less 20 rates in the 3 last months. If you received only 18 rates in 3 months and 2 other rates more than 3 months ago, you won't be displayed in this charts (but you will be visible in the "12 last months" charts)

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How do I know if my track was selected or not?

If your track is selected for the Talent Pool, we will contact you maximum 3 months after you have uploaded your track. In general, if you still have not been contacted three months after having uploaded your track... It means that your track was not retained.

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Precautions to be taken before signing with a label and/or a partner (manager, producer, publisher, etc)

Further to various talks with you, the artists, we realised that few of you know about contracts with record companies, publishers or managers. It's perfectly normal in that you are just starting out and have been focusing on your music. You do need to have a grasp of the subject in order to keep control of your career.

Many articles explain how it works, for example:

A record label / producer, publisher or manager has obligations towards you, hence their fee.

All too often performers sign a track over to a record company they didn't even know before, yet know nothing of the other performers or the kind of promotion they'll be getting. Some performers find themselves committed to a company for years, and for several tracks without anything being specified in return.

Sometimes you have to be patient and target the right label, manager or publisher!

At Soonvibes, we make sure of selecting and working with serious record companies in order to develop your track and career wisely.

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