• Who is this website for? is a service that caters for all artists, music lovers or professional who want to promote their tracks or discover new music. Tracks are evaluated blind, which means we do not know the track and artist before we rate it. Also the tracks are displayed in random order to maintain objectivity. An anti-cheat system is also in place to prevent fake ratings. The best tracks make it into the music charts which allows contact to be made with industry professionals (publishers, record labels, DJs, radio stations, etc).

  • Is it free ?

    Yes completely.

  • What makes Soonvibes different from other sites?

    On Soonvibes, the number of listens is irrelevant, only the ratings and comments are taken into account.
    What's more, the tracks are only rated in a random way. So it's not possible to ask your friends or your fans to come and rate your music.
    Lastly, the tracks are rated "blind", meaning we do not know the artist's name before we rate the track.

  • How works the detection of the best tracks?

    We use around twenty criterias to identify the best tracks. For examples:
    - "Like" / "Dislike"
    - Add to favorites
    - Add to playlists
    - Comments and semantic analysis
    - Shares
    - Average listening duration
    - Favorite tracks of users with badges "Verified artist" and "Talent Hunter"
    - etc

    We also use other criterias but we cannot reveal how works precisely our system. The most important thing is to boost the feedbacks of your tracks to reach at less 50 listens (with likes / dislikes) to simplify the analysis and detection.

  • How can I start with Soonvibes if I am artist / music producer?

    Upload your tracks on Soonvibes and get feedback on them (ratings and comments)
    VERY IMPORTANT: you must boost your tracks with FEEDBACK or FEEDBACK+ options (during the upload process) to receive quick feedbacks. With this options, you receive more feedbacks and then we can discover you easily !
    More infos about FEEDBACK and FEEDBACK+ here:

  • Can you explain me the Vibes system and feedback system ?

    - WITHOUT VIBES: you can upload 1 track per week. You will receive feedback on your tracks.
    - WITH VIBES: you have unlimited uploads. You will receive feedback very fastly on your tracks

    To receive very fast feedback, simply activate FEEDBACK or FEEDBACK+ option with your Vibes.
    To earn Vibes, simply rate and comment the tracks in the rating system

  • How are the tracks displayed in the blind rating system?

    In priority we always display tracks with FEEDBACK and FEEDBACK+ options. You must use Vibes to activate these options. (read more).
    The display order of the tracks is random. We always promote the tracks that have received fewer ratings.

    We only display tracks in affinity with the ROOMs you selected in the blind rating.

  • What is a "playlist" and "favorites" ?

    The "playlist" brings together all the tracks you have added to your playlists, making them accessible in your personal space.
    The "favorites" is the fastest way to save a track for later on Soonvibes.

  • Is it possible to download tracks?

    Some tracks are free to download.
    It depends on each artist. When they put their tracks online, the artist decides whether their tracks will be free to download or not.
    When a track is not free to download, the artist is able to provide a paid download link to their music (e.g. iTunes, Beatport, etc.).
    It is important to understand that many artists display their tracks to collect feedback and improve and do not even want to sell it.

  • I came across a track being played illegally. How can I report it?

    Simply use the contact form to let us know.
    We will take the necessary measures to penalise internet users who do not respect the Soonvibes rules.

  • Are the comments moderated?

    No. But you can use the contact form to notify us of any abuse.
    We will take the necessary measures to penalise internet users who do not respect the Soonvibes rules.

  • Why I can't vote for the comments?

    You cannot vote for comments:
    - on the page of your track
    - if you rated less than 50 tracks
    - if your account was created less than 7 days ago

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Channel is a music room dedicated to a community of an artist, media, brand, festival or label...

There are 3 categories of Channels:

  • Feedback from the Soonvibes community: you get objective feedback on your music
  • Feedback from professionals: you get feedback and professional opportunities
  • Contest: you must send your music to participate in the contest or rate the musics.
  • Who can create a channel?

    All music professionals can create a channel in a few minutes for free.
    Soonvibes team must approve every channel before displaying it.

  • What are the benefits of channels?

    Every channel offer its own opportunities. Sign on a label, play in festival, be playlisted in radio, broadcast your track for a Youtube video or videos advertising... Each channel proposes its own opportunities.

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Presentation of the Soonvibes Talent Pool is explained here:

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Are you an artist or DJ? What are the benefits to become a verified artist? All the answers are just below:

  • What does "Verified artist" badge mean?

    We verify manually some artists. They have a "verified" label on their artist profile.
    We only do that for the best artists. We identify them via our Talent Pool selection, winners of contests, our charts, etc...

    When you are verified:
    - your tracks are more visible (on home page, on dashboard for professionals, etc)
    - you earn Vibes twice a month
    - you have a badge on your profile

  • What is the "Anonymous" function for?

    This feature is completely free and allows any music producer to test out their music while maintaining anonymity.
    Internet users rate and listen to the music without knowing the identity of the author and track. This function is very useful if you want to experiment with new sounds without any apprehension... You can test out your tracks without worrying about being criticised
    You can disable the anonymous function at any time.

  • Where can I see statistics and ratings for my tracks?

    Simply log into MY TRACKS, or directly on your music page.

  • How can I edit/delete a track?

    Simply log into MY TRACKS and click on the track edit icon or the delete symbol.

  • I can't upload any track because I don't find the UPLOAD button

    Maybe you registered as a "Music Lover" instead of "Artist". To change this, please send us an email and we will change your profile.

  • Can Soonvibes store my tracks?

    Yes you can upload all your tracks for free. There is no limit for the moment.

  • What conditions are there for uploading music?

    - You must be the owner of the music rights
    - You must upload a complete track (so no audio loop, etc.)
    - You must comply with the Soonvibes rules

  • Is my track displayed constantly within the blind rating system?

    If you activate FEEDBACK or FEEDBACK+ promotion your track is displayed within the blind rating app until it receives 50 ratings. Then it still displayed but with very low priority... You can re-boost it using the "FEEDBACK" function.

  • In what resolution is my track displayed?

    We display the original Mp3 file you uploaded on the desktop website. We display the mp3 128 kbps version on the mobile app.
    It's VERY IMPORTANT to encode correctly your wav/aiff in mp3 version. (if not you will loose your original quality).
    For example, you can use Audacity, ffmpeg or CDex with Lame Mp3 encoder.

  • What can I do to get more ratings?

    You can use the different promotional options we offer: FEEDBACK and FEEDBACK+

  • I can't see one of my tracks present in the Soonvibes charts, why not?

    It must receive at least 30 ratings in order to appear in the charts.
    For instance, to be displayed in the "3 last months" charts you must receive at less 30 rates in the 3 last months. If you received only 28 rates in 3 months and 2 other rates more than 3 months ago, you won't be displayed in this charts (but you will be visible in the "12 last months" charts).
    In addition we don't display tracks uploaded less than 2 months ago.

  • How can I ask my friends to came and rate my tracks?

    At the moment this is not possible because they must rate the tracks randomly.
    This allows all users to give ratings objectively and avoid friends to give non objective feedbacks.
    The aim is therefore to receive objective scores without relying on friendship (since this distorts objectivity).
    Friends can however write a review and share music tracks.

  • ow often are the TOP charts updated?

    Every hour.

  • Can you explain me how work the moderation / objectivity of the feedbacks?

    All details about moderation and objectivity of ratings / comments is explained here:

  • How to delete my account?

    Simply go to your personal menu: "My account", "personal informations" tab

  • How can i complete my profile to boost my visibility?

    Since the 07/13/2020 at 10am (CET), you have a new profile section named « My profile ». We recommend you to complete the fields. The more you complete them the more you earn Vibes. However only sections which were not fully completed on the 07/13/2020 (at 10am) can get some free Vibes.

    It is an incentive we launched to know you more and give you more relevant opportunities.

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Since February 20, 2019, points are converted in Vibes. The scale for winning Vibes remains the same as the points but several important changes are to be considered.

On Soonvibes, with Vibes you can benefit from gifts and promotion on your music (professional opportunities, feedback from the community, others ...)

  • What are the Vibes?

    The more you participate on Soonvibes, the more you earn Vibes. For example, earn Vibes by grading and commenting music. With Vibes, you can perform a number of actions such as testing a music, promoting it, getting vst plugin, etc.

  • How to earn Vibes?

    You must rate and comment the musics in the Blind Rating system. By writing a comment (over 100 characters) you earn even more Vibes. You can also rate the other comments to earn Vibes. You will not be able to earn Vibes by commenting outside the blind rating system or via a contest.

    You can also earn up to 2,500 Vibes by completing your profile. However only sections which were not fully completed on the 07/13/2020 (at 10am) can get some free Vibes. It is an incentive we launched to know you more and give you more relevant opportunities.

  • How much can I earn?

    - You can earn maximum 2500 Vibes per week (from Monday 0:00 to Sunday 23:59).
    - You can not exceed 10,000 Vibes on your Soonvibes account

    The 2 exceptions to exceed the 10,000 Vibes are:
    - Old Soonvibes accounts with already more than 10 000 Vibes.
    - Buy Vibes (feature available from March 2019)

    Warning: when your account exceeds 10,000 Vibes, you will not be able to accumulate more Vibes. You will first have to spend your Vibes to get back under the 10,000 Vibes bar.

  • How does the conversion of points into Vibes?

    You must login to Soonvibes with your login before May 1, 2019 to convert your points to Vibes. After this date, all your points will be deleted and your Vibes counter will be 0.

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Regarding XP:

With a lot of XP, you can reach the top of the "Talent Hunters" charts and you get gifts exclusively for you in the SHOP.

To boost your XP score, there are several things to do:

  • Rate more than 100 songs every week.
  • Write constructive comments on musics: users can upvote or downvote your comments
  • Rate correctly the FAKE tracks. (FAKE tracks are repetitive loops you must dislike or professional tracks that you must like)

Regarding the "Talent Hunter" badge:

The "Talent Hunter" badge is automatically activated by the Soonvibes team. If we detect that you are a demanding user (= your ratings is quite low) but you like most of reference tracks., then we give you the Talent Hunter's badge.. Quality of your comments are also taken in consideration.

With the Talent Hunter badge:

  • you have access to exclusive products in the Shop
  • your grades have a lot more weight in the rankings and help us especially to spot new talent
  • you have an exclusive access to our professional dashboard to follow in real time all your actions on Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer, Youtube, etc. (likes, favorites, playlists, uploads, etc.)

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All FAQ for pro pages is here:

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Rate the tracks

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