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  • What's a professional page on Soonvibes?
    A professional page is a page dedicated for your professional services. You can receive all demos from artists directly via your professional page.
  • Is it free?
    Yes. And you can also earn money!
  • What are the advantages of creating a pro page?

    Centralize all the demos you receive in one place. For most labels, radios, media and playlists, managing an important volume of demos submissions is technically impossible. That's why Soonvibes offers you pro pages.

    Discover new talents and exchange with artists from all over the world. Give your opinion on their music and create new connections. We make sure to connect you with the best artists matching your musical style.

    Forget email and saturated messaging. Submissions are centralized and presented in a clear and ergonomic way on Soonvibes.
    You'll be able to listen to each track and make your choice. Each track will have a link to its cover, links to additional listening platforms and more information provided by the user.

    Earn money by listening to the music and giving feedback. When an artist chooses your label, radio, media or playlist, he sends his tracks.
    You'll be asked to write a feedback. By replying within 7 days, you earn Vibes (500 Vibes = 1 €). It is up to you to define how much you charge for the feedback. You can of course convert your Vibes into Euros by requesting a payment.

    Many professionals reinvest their earnings to promote their own music on Soonvibes. It's up to you to choose what you want to do with it. Payments are made by Paypal or directly to your bank account.

  • Is there a special account to create to be a pro partner?

    1) You just need to create a regular Soonvibes account.

    2) Once your account is created, you have to fill in the form to create your professional page. This is then validated manually by the Soonvibes team.

  • Do I have to be a company?
    It is not mandatory. We just need an invoice to proceed to the payment. For example if you have a Paypal business account and you can issue invoices, then everything is fine.
  • Any professional can create a pro page?
    No. We require a minimum size.
    • If you are a label, we prefer those who already have several artists in their roster.
    • If you're a radio or web radio, you have to justify several thousand monthly listeners.
    • If you are a media company, you must have several thousand monthly users.
    • If you are a playlist, you must have more than 1000 subscribers.
    • If you are a booker, you should have references on events/festivals.
    • In general, we accept professionals who already have a network developed enough to validate their professional page.
  • How do I create my pro page?
    1) You must have a Soonvibes account
    2) You must fill out this form to create your professional page:
  • How do I access my pro page?
    From your personal menu (top right), go to "My account" then click on the "Professional Pages" tab. You'll find all the pro pages you've created (a page for your company A, another page if you have a second activity via your company B, or a dedicated page for your remix/DJ contest, etc).


  • How can I see the new music I received?

    Just go to your professional page. Then click on the "Feedback requests" tab. You will be able to view them by "pending", "completed", "expired".

    You should also receive an email to notify you.

  • How do I respond to each submission?
    You must listen carefully to the music then:
    • give a technical, artistic, and global note.
    • write a relevant and constructive feedback to the artist.
    • indicate if you want to support the track (ex: signing on label, playlist, booking, etc).
    • indicate your email if necessary to continue the discussion with the artist.

    Please note: you have a maximum of 7 days to give feedback. Otherwise the artist's request expires and you are not paid.

    Artists can give their opinion (rate and comment) on every feedback you have given them. Their opinions are visible on your pro page.

  • How long does it take to reply?
    7 days max
  • Examples of how to write good feedback?

    Good feedback - example 1

    Good morning,

    First of all, thank you for your shipment.
    Already the listening of your track is pleasant, the mixing is good.

    The voice is interesting, the singing is mastered, and the production is catchy.
    We are rather oriented in urban music, but we think that your track has potential to be played in clubs and that it will appeal to fans of electro music. Unfortunately our playlists are for French rap tracks so we won't be able to include your track.

    We will share your track on our Twitter page.

    Good continuation for your project and do not hesitate to make us follow your next releases.

    Good feedback - example 2

    Thanks for your feedback. Here's my feedback.
    Artistic question: I don't really like it afterwards, I think that the choice of instruments is in line with the universe you want to propose.
    Technical question: I find that it lacks praise for this style of music and I find that it stings a little bit from time to time in the 2kHz and 5kHz zone.
    Sorry but I'll pass for this time,
    See you soon

    Bad feedback - example 1

    I'm sorry, but that's not the style we're looking for. @+

    Bad feedback - example 2

    Thank you for the submission. Unfortunately it's not what we're looking for.

  • What should I do if I like a music and I said I support it?

    You have to respect the promise announced on your pro page. For example if you wrote that your opportunity is to playlist the music, then you must absolutely playlist it if you support the track.

    You also have to inform the artist to explain where their music is highlighted and how to see it.

    Artists count on you to keep your promise, i.e. to promote, playlist, sign them, etc.

  • What do I do if I get too many submissions?

    Congratulations if this is the case for you! :)

    In this case, you can:
    • Restrict the criteria of the music (musical styles, etc)
    • Increasing the price of feedback
  • What if the music doesn't start?
    On the form to write feedback about the received music, you have a button to report this type of problem.
  • What if I want to take a break for a while?
    1) Go to your professional page
    2) Then go to the tab "Settings".
    3) Go to the very bottom of the page under the validation button, and click on "Disable channel".


  • How do I know how much I've earned?

    Simply look at your current Vibes balance in the top right navigation menu.
    For example, if you have 5000 Vibes, that's 10€.

    500 Vibes = €1

    This Vibes Counter is updated in real time.

  • How do I convert my Vibes into Euros?

    If you have a minimum of 10,000 Vibes on the counter (i.e. 20 euros) and you are a professional partner validated by Soonvibes, you can ask to be paid.

    To do so, you just need to send your invoice on these 2 emails:
    celine [at]
    arnaud [at]

    For example, if you have 14500 Vibes, you have to invoice us for 29€ HT.
    500 Vibes = 1€ so 14500 Vibes = 29€.

    As soon as we save your invoice for payment, your Vibes balance is reset to 0.

    NOTE: If you are not a pro validated by Soonvibes and you have accumulated Vibes via the Blind Rating, you will not be able to be paid in Euros. (in this case, you can exchange your Vibes for gifts in the Shop).

  • Is there a minimum amount to be paid?
    Minimum 10,000 Vibes. (or 20 euros)
  • What are the methods of payment?
    Bank transfer and Paypal.
  • What is the payment delay?

    Payments are made at the end of the month only.

    - If you send your invoice after January 20, you will be paid at the end of February.

    - If you send your invoice before January 20, you will be paid at the end of January.

  • What information and contact details should I put on the invoice?


    6 bis avenue Foch
    94160 Saint-Mandé

    Intracommunity VAT number


  • Is there a template for invoice?

    Yes :)

    You can download it here.

    You just have to replace the informations in red with your datas and send it to us on the 2 emails indicated above.


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