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1) Timmy Rise

2 - Saiyan
3 - Misericorde
4 - LU2VYK
5 - Alpha.9
6 - Dark Heart
7 - Romain Blaster
8 - Daiwood
9 - JeeWeiss
10 - Loic Lass

TOP raters who won a headphones are:

Billinger, binoo, Theo Arnisound, Raphilou, Hysteria


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To celebrate the release of his new album '96 / 24 ', Joachim Garraud invites you to remix his track "The Witch Is Dead" feat. A Girl and A Gun, through the Soonvibes platform.

There you have an international contest open to all. Votes are open to the public who will elect blindly the best remixes (remixer’s name won’t appear while the public is voting), then Joachim Garraud will pick up the winner. 

Huge prizes to be won for both remixers and voters! An unique opportunity to reveal your talent massively!


1st remixer

Release of the remix as part as of the remix bundle + 1 copy of the new album '96 / 24 ' Vinyl Collectors format + 1 Joachim Garraud's Wesc

Release of the remix as part as of the remix bundle

sortie dans le bundle de remix

1 copy of the new album '96 / 24 ' Vinyl Collectors format

exemplaire du nouvel album 96/24

1 Joachim Garraud's Wesc

Casque WESC Joachim Garraud


From 2nd to 5th remixer

1 copy of the new album '96 / 24 ' Vinyl Collectors format + Guestlist entry to a concert of Joachim Garraud + 1 Joachim Garraud's Wesc


From 6th to 10th remixer

 Guestlist entry to a concert of Joachim Garraud + 1 Joachim Garraud's Wesc headphones


For participants who rate and comment the remixes of the contest

5 Joachim Garraud’s Wesc headphones to win randomly among the voters


After perfecting his piano and percussive skills during a intensive seven year period at the Classical Music Conservatory of Nantes, France, a young Joachim Garraud was to take a more electronic route in his musical career, in the process becoming one of the most in uential and revered producers not just on the French scene, but around the world. 

Joachim Garraud

He has written, produced, co-written, co-produced and remixed with and for some of the planet’s most legendary artists – David Bowie, Kylie Minogue, Culture Club, Beyoncé, OMD, Deep Dish, The Eurythmics, Paul Johnson, Cassius, Cerrone, Moby and Robbie Rivera. In particular, it’s his work and extensive projects with David Guetta, Bob Sinclar and Jean-Michel Jarre that have truly helped mould the direction of modern day electronica.

Co-writing and co-producing Guetta’s hit album “Just A Little More Love” including “Love Don’t Let Me Go” and the follow-up “Guetta Blaster” and “The World Is Mine”; working with Jean-Michel Jarre on “Metamorphoses” and “AERO”; creating the GUMPROD and F*** Me I’m Famous labels with Guetta; nominated for a “Best Remix” Grammy Award alongside Bob Sinclar for their reworking of Deep Dish “Flashdance” – at every turn it’s been Joachim Garraud with his hands on the controls. 

From developing one of the first ever live performance concepts, elevating the DJ beyond just a master of ceremonies, to the iconic Space Invader mascot; from his seminal residencies at The Boy, QUEEN and Space Ibiza to performances at Coachella, Love Parade, Technoparade, Inox Park, Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, Exit Festival and more – over the course of a quarter of a century Joachim Garraud has been instrumental in shaping the global scene we celebrate today.

All his 25 years journey into electronic music is now resumed in a 2 disc album «96/24» (96 kHz / 24 Bytes) presented as a 4 vinyls collector’s edition, or as a  downloadable version containing 18 Master .wav les. First disc is called «Spatial», here is where Joachim shows all his passion for DJaying. Second is called « Vocal », a way for Joachim to show us his passion for composition.

February 19th to March 14th
March 14th to March 20th
March 21st to March 29th
Winners announcement
March 29th

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