Joachim Garraud & Ridwello: You're So Special - remix contest

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Winner announcement

Congratulation to our 5 voters, headphones WESC Joachim Garraud for:

Joachim Garraud & Ridwello invite you to remix their new track "You're So Special" feat Rey Fonder !

Following the success of their previous collaboration, Joachim Garraud and Ridwello repeat the experience and invite you this time to remix the track "You're So Special" feat. Rey Fonder, always through the remix contests via the Soonvibes platform. A contest open to all and around the world! The votes are open to all to elect blindly the best remixes, among which Joachim Garraud and Ridwello will designate the winners. Many lots to win!

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2) Download the stems (vocal, bass, drums, lead, etc), create your remix and upload it on Soonvibes.
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5) The jury listens to the TOP rated remixes, and select the winners

You're so special - remix contest

A bassline, A guitar and a voice. That’s the reciepe of « You’re So Special »
The modernized old school pop-style gets you back to the roots of 80-90s music.
From Classic Minneapolis beats to European electronic music, you’ll have no other feeling than to move your body to the funky groove the guitar and the pop voice of Rey Fonder add to the song.

Produced by Joachim Garraud and co-composed by Ridwello, the two French producers express the passion they have for music, and you feel it in each second you listen this new collaboration

Joachim Garraud: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube / Soundcloud

Ridwello: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Soundcloud


1st remixer :
Release of the remix on the Joachim Garraud's EP
- Soundbank Joachim Garraud
- Vinyl collector album 96/24
- Plug-in "Just The Bundle"

Winner Joachim Garraud


2nd remixer :
Soundbank Joachim Garraud
- Vinyl collector album 96/24

2nd Joachim Garraud


3rd remixeur :
- Soundbank Joachim Garraud

3rd Joachim Garraud


For users who rate the tracks
- 5 WESC Joachim Garraud headphones to win via the prize draw (for users who rate and cumulate at less 5,000 tokens)


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Soundbank Joachim Garraud
Joachim Garraud's soundbank



After perfecting his piano and percussive skills during a intensive seven year period at the Classical Music Conservatory of Nantes, France, a young Joachim Garraud was to take a more electronic route in his musical career, in the process becoming one of the most in uential and revered producers not just on the French scene, but around the world.

He has written,produced,co-written,co-produced and remixed with and for some of the planet's most legendary artists – David Bowie, Kylie Minogue, Culture Club, Beyoncé, OMD, Deep Dish, The Eurythmics, Paul Johnson, Cassius, Ceronne, Moby and Robbie Rivera. In particular, it's his work and extensive projects with David Guetta, Bob Sinclar and Jean-Michel Jarre that have truly helped mould the direction of modern day electronica. Co-writing and co-producing Guetta's hit album "Just A Little More Love" including "Love Don't Let Me Go" and the follow-up "Guetta Blaster" and "The World Is Mine"; working with Jean-Michel Jarre on "Metamorphoses" and "AERO"; creating the GUMPROD and F*** Me I'm Famous labels with Guetta; nominated for a "Best Remix" Grammy Award alongside Bob Sinclar for their reworking of Deep Dish "Flashdance" – at every turn it's been Joachim Garraud with his hands on the controls.

All his 25 years journey into electronic music is now resumed in a 2 disc album «96/24» (96 kHz / 24 Bytes) presented as a 4 vinyls collector's edition, or as a downloadable version containing 18 Master .wav les. First disc is called «Spatial», here is where Joachim shows all his passion for DJaying. Second disc is called «Vocal», a way for Joachim to show us his passion for composing.


Ridwello, of his real name "Kevin Large", born 12th July 1989 in Rennes (France), is a DJ and Electronic Music Producer. He started to make electronic music at the age of 16 years old and got offered a club residency in Rennes, his hometown, at age 18. After having spent five years as ghost-producer for various artists, it's in 2015 that he decided to start his own career. Through his various experiences and encounters around the world, he managed to broaden his musical culture. His addiction to perfection and his true love for electronic music led him to become a skillful electronic musician. For evidence, his song "Kamikaze" is ranked in the TOP30 CLUB in Poland and number 2 of the best club broadcasts in Poland. Later, his song "Love On Fire", ranked in the TOP100 (# 70) on Musiboxlive.

Supported by DJs such as Chuckie, Tommy Trash, BlasterJaxx and David Guetta ... It is soon to do talk about him with tracks like "Spiritual" signed on Vulver Records, "Breakage" signed on Dirty Dutch, or his collaboration with an Italian DJ "Break It Down" signed on the prestigious Dutch label "Big & Dirty Recordings".

Building on this success, it's in early 2016, he was spotted by the French international DJ and Producer, Joachim Garraud, with whom he decides to work on several projects, as their first original track "Telepathic Dream" feat. Chuck Preston. The best is yet to come...

January 16th to February 06th
February 06th to February 13th
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January 12th to January 12th
February 14th to February 20th
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February 20th

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