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58 Feedback submitted
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12.1% Support rate
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Reviews from artists who received a feedback: 4.9/5 (13 reviews)

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"Great, I love very good work. Well done.
If you can find a singer who can accompany your tracks, you can really expect a big level! Unfortunately, the voice is still an important factor for radio / TV / Press, and I would even invite you to stand out even more with French rather than English. Because we often look for English to go international but you find yourself in competition with the best artists in the world. A singer with a soft voice in French, can literally make a hit in France with the two tracks that I listened on your Soundcloud."

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  • "It's a good and detailed feedback even if I'm disappointed that my track does not interest the professional"
  • "Excellent, they are committed to sharing it right out, the feedback is really nice, and I've been using Soonvibes for other professional feedback."

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